Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Bank Rating Services

Bank Rating Services are private companies that analyze a bank's performance over time and then assigns ratings based on the perceived safety and soundness of the bank.

Below you will find a list of bank rating services.

BauerFinancial, Inc.
BauerFinancial's star ratings are available for free on their Web site but are $10 for a report.

Website: www.bauerfinancial.com
Email: customerservice@bauerfinancial.com
Phone: (800) 388-6686 or Fax: (800) 230-9569

P.O. Box 143520
Penthouse 1-A, Gables International Plaza
2655 LeJeune Rd
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Creative Investment Research, Inc.
Comprehensive data on women and minority-owned financial institutions.

Website: www.creativeinvest.com
Email: info@creativeinvest.com
Phone: (866) 867-3795 or Fax: (866) 867-3795

P.O. Box 55793
Washington, D.C. 20040-5793

IDC Financial Publishing, Inc.
IDC assigns a weight factor to various financial ratios and then combines the overall view into a numeric summary rank from 1 (the lowest) to 300 (the highest). IDC has a remarkable track record of identifying  deteriorating or improving performance months, and sometimes years, before it becomes apparent to other ranking companies.

Website: www.idcfp.com
Email: info@idcfp.com
Phone: (800) 525-5457 or Fax: (262) 367-6497

P.O. Box 140
Hartland, WI 53029

Sheshunoff Information Services
All FDIC-insured commercial banks, savings banks and savings & loans.

Website: www.sheshunoff.com
Phone: (800) 456-2340 or Fax: (512) 305-6575

807 Las Cimas, Ste 300
Austin, TX 78746

Plain English Reports - since 1981. Instant Ratings by phone, ($10 for the first rating, $5 for each additional one) followed up with written confirmation. No bank pays us ("Sponsored Bank") to rate them.

Website: www.veribanc.com or Email: service@veribanc.com
Phone: (800) 837-4226

P.O. Box 1610
One Social St
Woonsocket, RI 02895