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Consumer Alert:
Olympia Federal Savings Counterfeit Official Checks

An alert from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency:

March 15, 2012

Olympia Federal Savings has reported that counterfeit official checks issued in the bank’s name and using a correct routing number of 092005411 are being presented for payment nationwide in connection with online employment opportunities.

Counterfeit items resemble the bank’s authentic official checks but may be identified by the following: The checks are white in color with green, blue, or brown shaded backgrounds. The lettering is typed in a bold black font, and the checks do not include the bank’s telephone number of (360) 275-6001. The instruments do, however, include one of the following security statements along the top border of the instrument: “THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS A TRUE WATERMARK – HOLD TO LIGHT TO VIEW,” “THIS DOCUMENT HAS AN WATERMARK PRINTED ON THE BACK,” and “THIS DOCUMENT HAS A COLORED BACKGROUND AND MICROPRINTING. REVERSE SIDE INCLUDES AN ARTIFICIAL WATERMARK.” Items presented to date have been made payable in varying amounts between $2,950 and $7,500. The items also include a remitter name of Amanda Vanwhy.

For additional information and guidance and to verify the authenticity of Olympia Federal Savings and Loan Association official checks, please contact Bobbi Kerr, Vice President/Security Officer, by mail at 421 Capitol Way S., Olympia, WA 98501; by telephone at (360) 754-3400, ext. 1124; by fax at (360) 754-3437; or by e-mail at BKerr@OlyFed.com.

Additional information concerning this matter that you believe should be brought to the attention of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) may be forwarded to:

E-mail: occalertresponses@occ.treas.gov
Mail: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Special Supervision Division, MS 2-7
250 E St. SW, Washington, DC 20219
Fax: (202) 874-5214
Internet: www.occ.treas.gov

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