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Where to Turn for Help with Investments

There are many reasons you might want help with your investments. Perhaps you want to start a college fund for your child. Maybe you are concerned that you are not doing enough to save for retirement. Or maybe you simply feel the need to get your financial house in order.

While some people are comfortable handling their own investments, many are not. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Investing can be confusing. The good news is there are thousands of people in the financial services industry who can help with financial and investment decisions.

This webpage was developed to provide some basic information you can use to find an investment services provider who is right for you - one who offers the services you want on terms you understand and accept.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Types of Providers Offer Assistance With Investments?
  2. What Services Do You Want?
  3. How Do You Want To Pay for Those Services?
  4. What are the Differences in Providers' Legal Obligations?
  5. Investor Checklist

Source: The Coalition on Investor Education

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