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Friday, February 17, 2012


Lyn Peters, Director of Communications
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DFI Joins Organizations Nationwide Encouraging A Commitment To Saving During "Washington Saves Week"

Washington joins national campaign aimed to help residents "Build Wealth, Not Debt"

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) is working with the Washington Jump$tart Coalition and many other state agencies, non-profit organizations and financial institutions to promote Washington Saves Week as part of the sixth annual national America Saves Week campaign.

"In a time when we all are having to make our dollars do more and go farther, it’s more important than ever to ensure we are setting aside funds for tomorrow,” DFI Director Scott Jarvis said. “Making savings automatic makes sure it happens, makes it easier to plan around and makes it easier to continue. Even if you have to start small, with five or 10 dollars, that small start can make a big difference later."

America Saves is a national campaign involving more than 1,000 non-profit, government, and corporate groups that encourages individuals and families to save money and build personal wealth. Organizations throughout Washington are coordinating Saves Week activities aimed at offering Washington residents savings resources and education.

Understanding that having emergency savings, retirement funds and being able to manage one’s debt are crucial to Washington residents’ personal financial security, Governor Chris Gregoire has proclaimed Feb. 19-26, 2012 Washington Saves Week. dfi.wa.gov/financial-education/wa-saves/pdf/2012-proclamation.pdf

This year’s campaign theme "Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically." is aimed at reminding consumers to utilize the automatic payroll deduction options at their place of employment to begin building an emergency fund, create a retirement fund or develop a targeted savings fund for their future.

As part of America Saves Week and Military Saves Week, more than 800,000 copies of the second edition of the "Financial Field Manual: The Personal Finance Guide for Military Families" will be distributed on military bases around the world and directly by state securities agencies, under a partnership of the Investor Protection Trust (IPT), the Investor Protection Institute (IPI), the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine.

The January 2012 guide from IPT, IPI, CBBB and Kiplinger’s focuses on the key issues that can help military families make informed investing decisions, protect their money and their families, and take charge of their financial lives. More than 800,000 of the updated guide have been printed. The first 710,000 print copies of the guide are being distributed directly to military bases in the U.S. and around the world. In addition, 29 states and the District of Columbia have ordered 100,000 additional copies to use as part of education programs with service members and their families in their states. An online version of the guide is available at: www.investorprotection.org/downloads/IPT_Financial_Field_Manual_2012.pdf.

We invite all Washington residents to participate in Saves Week, Feb. 19-26, 2012 by visiting www.americasavesweek.org and enrolling to be an American Saver. Submit your Washington Saves Week event or find an event in your area at www.dfi.wa.gov/financial-education/calendar.htm.

If your organization wants to support Washington Saves and promote the campaign, the Saves Week organizers offer a variety of promotional materials at http://americasavesweek.org.

A few ways your organization can get involved include:

To learn more about the campaign and register, visit the national Web site www.americasavesweek.org or Washington Saves Week at www.dfi.wa.gov/financial-education/wa-saves/default.htm.

If you would like a presenter to come to your site, DFI and/or Washington Jump$tart member organizations can assist with finding a speaker. Send a request to Lyn Peters at DFI (lyn.peters@dfi.wa.gov), the Washington Jump$tart Coalition (wajumpstart@gmail.com) or contact Amy O’Donnell (aodonnell@wscpa.org).

Together we can show our support and commitment to helping our community members "Start Small, Think Big" and "Build Wealth, Not Debt."

About DFI
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The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions regulates a variety of financial service providers such as banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, consumer loan companies, payday lenders and securities brokers and dealers. The department also works to improve financial education throughout Washington through its outreach programs and online clearinghouse www.dfi.wa.gov/financial-education. In addition to posting information about licensees and administrative actions, DFI uses the Web and social media to provide financial education information: http://www.twitter.com/FinEd4All, www.twitter.com/DFIConsumers, www.finlit.blogspot.com, www.youtube.com/user/WADFI, www.homeownership.wa.gov.

About America Saves
www.americasaves.orginformation@americasaves.org ▪ 202.387.6121
America Saves is a nationwide campaign in which a broad coalition of nonprofit, corporate, and government groups helps individuals and families save and build wealth. Through information, advice, and encouragement, we assist those who wish to pay down debt, build an emergency fund, save for a home, save for an education, or save for retirement.

About Jump$tart Washington
Jump$tart Washington is a nonprofit coalition created to promote the need for financial education in Washington State. In 2010, we provided teacher training seminars, special events for students and succeeded in reaching thousands of consumers throughout the state. Our members include individuals, public and private organizations, educators, and non-profit associations – each passionate about making change and advancing our goal to:

Jump$tart Washington Vision Statement:
Financial empowerment for Washington residents.

Jump$tart Washington Mission Statement:
Jump$tart Washington promotes the development of personal finance skills of Washington residents, with emphasis on education for K-college youth.

About IPT
The Investor Protection Trust (IPT) is a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. More than half of all Americans are now invested in the securities markets, making investor education and protection vitally important. Since 1993 the Investor Protection Trust has worked with the states and at the national level to provide the independent, objective investor education needed by all Americans to make informed investment decisions. The Investor Protection Trust strives to keep all Americans on the right money track. www.investorprotection.org Contact Patrick Mitchell, for IPT, at 703-276-3266 or pmitchell@hastingsgroup.com.

About IPI
The Investor Protection Institute (IPI) is an independent nonprofit organization that advances investor protection by conducting and supporting unbiased research and groundbreaking education programs. IPI carries out its mission through investor education, protection and research programs delivered at both the national and grassroots level in collaboration with state securities regulators and other strategic partners. IPI is dedicated to providing innovative investor-protection programs that will make a meaningful difference in the financial lives of Americans in all walks of life and at all levels of sophistication about financial matters. www.protectinvestors.org.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine has been providing millions of Americans with down-to-earth advice on managing their money and achieving financial security since 1947. Along with Kiplinger.com, it is a highly trustworthy source of information on saving and investing, taxes, credit, homeownership, paying for college, retirement planning, car buying and many other personal finance topics.

BBB Military LineŽ is a Better Business Bureau 501(c)(3) program established in 2004. It operates in partnership with the DOD Financial Readiness Campaign and is a partner in the National Joining Forces Initiative. BBB Military Line brings financial workshops tailored to the military for adults and teens; participates in community fairs, conferences and military-installation events; and provides consumer protection information and services—all through the efforts of local BBBs throughout the U.S. Our program empowers our military communities and builds bridges between civilian and military cultures through face-to-face interaction and cooperation. Our online presence provides financial-literacy and military consumer information, along with consumer threat alerts that specifically target the military population. Visit www.bbb.org/military for more information.