Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Escrow Agent Applications & Forms

Applications and forms for Washington Escrow Agents and Escrow Officers.


Escrow Officer Online Licensing Renewal
Escrow Agent Application (PDF)
Duplicate Escrow License Application (PDF)
Escrow Agent Amendment Application (PDF)
Certificate of Compliance and Authorization to Examine Trust Accounts (PDF)
Escrow Agent Deposit of Funds Form (PDF)
Escrow Agent Office Closure Form (PDF)
Escrow Agent Location of Records Form (PDF)
Escrow Agent Endorsement - DFI Version (PDF)
Escrow Agent Endorsement - Lloyds Version (PDF)
Escrow Surety Bond (PDF)
Escrow Officer Application (PDF)
Declaration of Employee Status (PDF)
Escrow Fee Schedule
Escrow Agent Quarterly Report Form (PDF)
Escrow Agent Quarterly Report Form (Fillable Word)
One-Page Summary of a Three Way Reconciliation Form Example (PDF)
Fingerprint Cards
Instructions - PDF
Purpose of Fingerprint Checks
FBI Privacy Act - PDF

About The Applications And Forms

All of the applications and forms available from the Division of Consumer Services are in PDF format. In addition, we offer some of the most used applications and forms in Microsoft Word format. See below for more information.

PDF Forms

In order to view and print the form in PDF format, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. Adobe Acrobat Reader only allows you to view and print PDF forms.

If you want to type on and save a completed "fillable" PDF form, you will need to purchase and download the Adobe Acrobat Standard program.

Microsoft Word Forms

In order to open a Word form, you must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. You may fill in the form fields using Microsoft Word and save the completed form on your machine.

Saving Applications and Forms to Your Computer

  1. Right-click on the link of the form you want to save to your computer.
  2. Choose "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" on a Macintosh).
  3. In the "Save As" screen, find the directory on your system where you want to store the document. Click on "Save."