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Applicable Statutes & Regulations You Should Know As An Escrow Officer

Applicable State and Federal Statutes and Regulations you should know as an Escrow Officer.

Chapter 18.44 RCW - Escrow Agent Registration Act
Chapter 208-680A through chapter 208-680G - Escrow Agent Registration Act Rules
Admission to Practice(APR) Rule 12 - Limited Practice Officer (LPO)
Chapter 63-29-RCW - Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
Chapter 62.A.3 RCW - Negotiable Instruments
RESPA, Regulation X, Appendix A - Completion of the HUD-1 and HUD1A settlement Statement
RESPA, Regulation X, 3500.9 - Reproduction of Settlement Statements
RESPA, Regulation X, 3500.10 - One Day Advance Inspection of HUD-1 or HUD-1A Settlement Statement; Delivery; Recordkeeping
RESPA, Regulation X, 3500.15 – Affiliated Business Arrangements
RESPA, Regulation X, Appendix E – Arithmetic Steps of Aggregate analysis