Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Mortgage Broker Withdrawn Interpretive Letters

Number Topic
03-01MB Trust Accounting Violations
99-01MB Marketing Plan Between MB and Bank
99-02MB Interpretation of Mortgage Broker, and Compensation
99-03MB Interpretation of License Requirements for "Note Broker"
99-04MB DFI's Position on "Net Branching"
98-01MB Purchases of Non Real Estate Loans
98-02MB Interpretation of Disclosure Requirements Amended Act
98-03MB Interpretation of CLO: System Provider via Internet
98-04MB No De Minimis Unlicensed Conduct
98-05MB Interpretation if Client Contacting Borrowers on Behalf of Bank is Subject to Licensing Requirements of Act
98-06MB Interpretation of Disclosure Requirements Amended Act
97-01MB Online Application Process/Application Deposits by Credit Card
97-02MB Percentage of Ownership by Principal Licensee - DBA's
97-03MB Surety Bond
97-04MB Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment Programs
97-05MB Delayed Appraisals
97-06MB Exemption from Act
97-07MB Deceptive Solicitation
97-08MB Residential Mortgage Loan Information Provided via the Internet
97-09MB Requirement of Licensure for Client
97-10MB HUD Reversal of Exemption for Computer Loan Origination from Referral and Split Fees
97-11MB Converting ICs to LLCs
97-12MB Rebates to Customers
96-01MB Continuing Education
96-02MB Physical Presence
96-03MB General Interpretation
96-04MB Exemption
96-05MB Exemptions Physical Presence
96-06MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-07MB Exceptions to MBPA
96-08MB Requiring a Specific Mortgage Broker and Title Company
96-09MB Providing Research for a Fee
96-10MB Outsourced Customer Service and Support
96-11MB Videoconferencing - fixed physical location
96-13MB Referral Fees
96-14MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-15MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-16MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-17MB Lock-In Agreement
96-18MB Lock-In Agreement
96-19MB Fixed Physical Location
DFI Disclosure Requirements
96-20MB Licensing Required
96-21MB Disclosure of Fees
96-22MB Gift Certificates for Loan Referrals
96-23MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-24MB Providing Online Services
96-25MB Gift Certificates for Loan Referrals
96-26MB Referral of Business
96-27MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-28MB Wholesale Lending Practices - Employees in WA
96-29MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-30MB Responsibility of Broker for Employees
96-31MB Wholesale Lending Practices
96-32MB Replacement of Designated Broker
96-33MB Removing Uncashed from Accounts
96-34MB Carrying a "Buffer" in a Trust Account
96-35MB Unlicensed Location
96-36MB Disclosure Requirements of the MBPA
95-00MB Surety Bond or Alternative
95-02MB RESPA - referral Fees, CLO
95-03MB CLO
95-04MB Wholesale Lending Practices
95-06MB Controlled Business Arrangements
95-07MB Operating Under Another Name
95-08MB Mortgage Loan Processors
95-09MB Independent Contractors Working for Multiple Licensees
95-10MB CLO Services
94-1MB Trust Account
94-2MB Trust Account
93-01MB Exemptions