Financial Education Programs in Washington State

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Below you will find links to local financial education programs.

Many of these organizations offer assistance and financial education classes in your community for free.

DFI's Financial Education Programs

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The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) is committed to helping put unbiased, sound and accurate information in the hands of Washington residents seeking financial education.

DFI conducts regular financial education outreach events - often in partnership with other state agencies and community organizations - in communities and schools throughout the state.

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Featured Program:
Foreclosure Mediation

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The Foreclosure Fairness Program is designed to help homeowners and their lenders reach a resolution.

Under the program, homeowners may be referred to third-party foreclosure mediation to help them reach an agreement with the lender.

At mediation, a neutral, third-party mediator will work with the homeowner and lender to reach a fair, voluntary and negotiated agreement. If a homeowner is found to be not acting in good faith, the foreclosure proceedings may proceed. If a lender or servicer is found to be not acting in good faith, the homeowner may attempt to stop the foreclosure by going to court, or may report that finding to the Washington Attorney General’s Office for possible violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act.

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