Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Rulemaking Docket

Below you will find information about DFI rulemaking activity.

Current Rulemaking By Division

About Agency Rulemaking

For detailed information, read RCW 34.05 The Administrative Procedures Act, which governs agency rulemaking and RCW 19.85 The Regulatory Fairness Act which identifies when an agency must complete a Small Business Economic Impact Statement (SBEIS).

Generally, rulemaking takes place in three distinctive steps based on filings required by the Office of the Code Reviser:

  1. A CR-101 Pre-proposal Statement of Inquiry is prepared. At this stage, proposed text is usually not available. Comment is invited on whether rules in the areas identified in the CR-101 are needed and, if so, the content of those rules.

  2. A CR-102 Rulemaking Proposal is filed if it is decided to proceed. Proposed text is filed with the CR-102 and a comment period and public hearing are scheduled.

  3. After the comment period and public hearing, a CR-103 Rulemaking Order will be filed if it is decided to proceed with the rule. The final text is included with the CR-103. The newly adopted rules are generally effective 31 days after filing with the Code Reviser. 

Once a rule has been adopted, it becomes a part of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

Petition Rulemaking

Individuals or groups who wish to petition DFI to adopt, amend, or repeal an administrative rule may do so by using the form linked below. You also may contact DFI using other formats, such as a letter or email.